Great Green Uses for Bottom Shelf Vodka

Do you have a bottle of bottom shelf vodka hanging around in a cupboard somewhere? Maybe it was a gift from a well meaning acquaintance or simply a bottle you bought to take to a BYOB that never quite got there.

For whatever reason you have it you know that you would have to be pretty desperate to drink it. There are however plenty of other things you can do with it, while saving money and doing a little bit to help the environment as well.

Vodka for Stain Removal – Instead of one of those chemical laden stainsticks that don’t always work very well anyway why not try using a little vodka to shift those stubborn stains?  For ink and grass stains, dip a clean cloth in vodka and rub spot. Rinse thoroughly. Lipstick on your collar? Blot the stain with vodka, and then launder in your regular wash.

Vodka Kills Mold – Instead of using one of those specialist bathroom cleaning sprays, most of which are full of some pretty toxic stuff put some of that vodka in a spray bottle and use it to attack that nasty bathroom mold.  On caulk and grout, spritz the moldy areas and let vodka sit for 30 minutes. After a half an hour has passed scrub the area with an old toothbrush, tile/grout brush or nylon scouring-pad then rinse thoroughly. For bathroom tiles, spray vodka and let sit for 5-10 minutes; then wash clean.

Vodka Cleans Jewelry – Cleaning your grimy jewelry with vodka will get it sparkling and brilliant again in just a few short minutes, without using harsh chemicals that could damage your precious baubles. The only jewelry it is not good for are opals, as the stone is a little too porous.

To effectively clean other stones though measure out one-fourth of a cup vodka into a shallow drinking glass or bowl. Then just drop in your jewelry and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off the vodka afterwards and your jewelry will be sparkling like never before.

Vodka Saves Flowers – Isn’t it disappointing when someone sends you a beautiful bunch of flowers but then within a few days they are wilted and dead? A few drops of vodka added to the water can extend their life by several days. Plants all produce ethylene, a ripening gas that promotes maturation and causes them to wilt and die. Vodka stunts that ethylene production, thereby helping flowers stay wilt-free longer.

Vodka Kills Smells – Forget those expensive ozone killing air fresheners. Add some of that vodka to a spray bottle and spritz bad smells away. There will be no smell left behind when the vodkas dries and those dreadful odors will be gone.

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