Great Green Uses for Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is here again and the pumpkins are out in force. Pumpkin carving is great fun for children and adults alike but did you know there are far more uses for the orange fruit than you might ever have imagined? Don’t know what to do with all that fleshy fruit you just scooped out of its skin in order to create your spooky Halloween masterpieces? Here are a few very eco friendly ideas:

  • Make a great exfoliating facemask – Forget those expensive exfoliators from the drug store, a simple combination of that leftover pumpkin and a little honey works wonders to gently buff away dead skin and leave you with a radiant complexion. Simply combine four tablespoons of the pumpkin, 1 tablespoon of honey and a few drops of jojoba oil in a blender until they form a smooth paste, apply to your entire face and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and you will be left with skin that looks and feels softer and cleaner.
  • Looking for a different kind of table decoration for the holiday feast this year? Why not make a few floating pumpkin candles? Buy those smaller pumpkins that are often left over at the grocery store because they are a little too small to carve and a corresponding number of votive candles (preferably  beeswax for a little extra green flair) Hold a votive candle over the top of the pumpkin and trace a circle around it. Using a small sharp craft knife, carefully cut out the circle so that a votive candle will fit into the hole snugly. Repeat with all the candles. Fill bowls or pails with water, light the candles and float the pumpkins in the water.
  • Store bought air fresheners are often not only very environmentally unfriendly but they are also pretty expensive. A pumpkin air freshener is a wonderful alternative. After you have scooped out the fruit’s innards rub the inside of the pumpkin shell with a few of your favorite seasonal spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice are particularly pleasant) cut “vent holes” into the sides of the shell with a craft knife or apple corer and place a tea light candle inside. Within minutes the whole room will smell wonderful.

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