Have a Green Halloween

It’s nearly that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner and kids of all ages everywhere are gearing up for a night of spooky fun. As a treat for the planet why don’t you try going a little green for Halloween this year, and no, we don’t mean by dressing up as The Hulk or Shrek. Here are a few ways you can make your spooky celebrations a little more eco friendly.

Use Recyclable Bags for Trick or Treating – Cloth or canvas bags, or even a spookily decorated old pillowcase make a great green alternative to plastic buckets and paper sacks. They are better for the kids too – paper and plastic bags can tear easily, spilling Halloween treats and disappointing children. Reusable bags are much more durable.

Make Your Own Costume – By making your own costumes you will be going green and saving yourself money. All it takes is a little imagination and a rummage through everyone’s closets. Cardboard boxes can also make wonderful costumes all by themselves. Search around the Internet if you need inspiration there are plenty of suggestions out there.

The other great advantage of making your own Halloween costumes is of course that your kids are unlikely to run into anyone else who looks the same as they do while they are out candy collecting.

Make Those Treats Eco Friendly – Think outside the box this year when it comes to the treats you give out at your home. Instead of the peanut butter cups and sickly sweet hard candies hit the local health food store and snap up some healthier alternatives. Also choose treats with as little packaging as possible – less mess for you to clean up and less waste for the environment as well.

Walk, Don’t Drive – Stay local and walk around your own neighborhood trick or treating instead of getting the car out to drive half way around town to a more “candy intensive” neighborhood. The night should be all about having fun, not who can gather up the most candy (and your kids don’t need that much either.)

Have more great green Halloween tips? Share them at Tip the Planet, the most comprehensive green wiki on the bed.

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