Bugs and Drugs – The Extra Ingredients in Your Valentine’s Bouquet?

You may have realized by now that buying your Valentine a bouquet of cut and refrigerated flowers for Valentine’s Day may be a nice thought but its not a very eco friendly one. The fact that they are often grown with pesticides is a problem, as is all the fuel wasted to transport them for mile after mile.

There is another very good reason though that some cut flowers are a very eco unfriendly choice for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year.

You may find it hard to believe but more than eighty percent of the cut flowers imported to the U.S. during Valentine season pass through Miami International Airport, with Colombia and Ecuador by far being the largest sources of roses, chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, Peruvian lilies and the dozens of other flower varieties that are so very popular every time February 14th rolls around.

The problem with that is that these blooms also sometimes carry little illegal immigrants – bugs and pests that have no natural place in the US and if allowed to escape they could wreck havoc with US crops and gardens in American backyards, especially in the sensitive eco system that is the nearby Florida Everglades.

Agricultural inspectors usually spend hour after hour spot checking the boxes of flowers rolling in, searching for these little pests but its inevitable that they cant catch them all. To make matters worse cut flowers are now a favorite place for drug smugglers to stash their wares to get them past customs. Drugs and bugs, what a romantic sounding combination.

So instead of supporting some Columbian drug cartel or helping some new strange strain of bug (some of these flower borne critters are so unusual customs officers have to send them to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington to be identified) gain illegal entry if you really must give flowers then buy them locally from a farmer’s market. Or alternately be a little more original in your Valentines gifting this year and check of the green gift ideas at Tip the Planet instead.

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