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Going Green on the Go – Tips for Eco Friendly Cell Phone Use

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
A cell phone – it seems like everyone has one these days, including your nine year old niece and your ninety year old Granny. To suggest to most people that they give up their mobile is akin to suggesting that they cut off their right arm. So no one is going to do that but there are a number of ways you can make your mobile chatting habits a little greener.
For instance most people probably have no ides just how much power that tiny little Sidekick in their pocket is eating up every minute that it is switched on. One way you can go green on the go is to change the way you charge your phone. By using a solar charger you will actually save yourself quite a bit of money as well as getting the satisfaction of knowing you are reducing your personal carbon footprint.
Even greener are the new generation of eco-friendly cell phones that are beginning to pop up, many of them produced by the big name companies you may already have a cell phone contract with. From the aesthetically astonishing Samsung Blue Earth to the highly unusual Natural Year Phone check out all the great green options available in the eco-friendly cell phones page at Tip the Planet.
There is another growing problem that comes along with all this mobile mania. The majority of cell phone owners upgrade the model of their phone at least every couple of years and many people do so far more often than that. That means that landfills everywhere are cluttered with orphan and outdated cell phones that their owners tossed in trash the second their new phone was charged and ready to go.
Recycling your old cell phone is not hard. There are plenty of private companies and charitable organizations that will be happy to take that old phone off your hands and out of a landfill. Read all about them in the recycling your mobile section at Tip the Planet.
Tip the Planet is fast becoming the most comprehensive green wiki on the web. If you have a great green tip you’d like to share, please do. The better we are all educated in all things environmental the better off we will be.