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Making the Most of What You Don’t Want – Recycling and Freecycling

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Recycling is one of the easiest ways that everyone can do their part to help improve and preserve the health of the planet and although most people are aware of that fact they also often believe that they are too busy to spend much of their precious time making the extra effort to actively participate in recycling efforts. Recycling does not have to be time consuming and difficult though as these ideas from Tip the Planet, the green wiki, demonstrate:

Reusing and recycling your clothes to help the environment and others less fortunate than you is a great way to do your part for the planet with very little effort. Tip the Planet has dozens of tips for recycling clothing of all kinds:

Are you an avid DIYer? Home improvements are great but they generate a lot of waste that can not only clutter up your garage but impact the health of the environment around your home as well. Construction and gardening waste as well as leftover paints and cleaning products can and should be recycled: &,_paints_and_oils

These days we all have a great many electronic items hanging around the house that we simply do not use anymore but we simply don’t know what to with them other than stuff them out of sight in a drawer or a cupboard. Recycling like items like old cell phones, the computer you upgraded from two years ago even the batteries you use in all those handheld devices not only helps save the planet but helps make your own home a little more organized as well.

Recycling starts at home but your good efforts should continue at work as well. There are plenty of opportunities to recycle in the workplace and even if it’s not your decision to start taking green business measures you can talk to your boss about implementing some environmentally conscious policies around the office.

Freecycling groups are springing up all over the globe. Freecycling is a way for communities to give as well as to receive useful resources that benefit everyone. Thousands of people are working together to keep waste of the landfills and give a new lease on life to all kinds of items.

Have a recycling idea we haven’t mentioned here or a recycling project you think the world should know about? Submit your tips to Tip the Planet, the fastest growing green wiki on the internet