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Eating Well for Less

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Adding more organic food to your regular diet is not only good for you but the environment as a whole as well. Many people avoid doing so though because the extra expense this inevitably entails. Organic produce is indeed more expensive than the “other” stuff but there are ways you can cut your grocery bill in the other areas so that indulging in some delicious locally grown vegetables or uncorking a bottle of organic wine instead of cracking open another Bud will be a pleasure you can easily afford.

Nix the Takeout – It is so easy to order out rather than cook at home. Easy but very expensive. According to a recent AARP report the average American family spends a whopping 42% of its annual food budget on take out and meals prepared outside the home. Put that money back into your grocery budget and you can buy all kinds of organic treats to make some really great home cooked meals instead.

If you take the home cooking concept even further you can save even more. How about making your own pasta sauce with some fresh herbs and a can of tomatoes rather than paying $4 a jar for that store bought stuff? Or baking a few cookies rather than picking up another pack of additive filled ones on your way home?

That is of course the other advantage of preparing more food at home – you will actually know exactly what you are eating!

Eat Less Meat – This one is almost a no brainer. Meat costs far more than vegetables, beans or starches and causes more damage from an environmental stand point. Even if you can only manage to stomach a couple of meatless meals a week you will still be reducing both your carbon footprint and your grocery bill.

Grow Your Own – Even if you live in a tiny apartment you can grow some of your own produce. Tiny vegetables like cherry tomatoes and baby cauliflower do well in window boxes and for those lucky enough to have more outdoor space to work with the possibilities are almost endless. You do not have to eat all those vegetables at once though, you could try your hand at canning and preserving the fruits of your labor so that you will have a supply of organic home grown food on hand all year round.

Cut Back on the Sundries – If you sit down and really look at your last receipt a big shop at the grocery store you will almost certainly be surprised by how much you spent on items from the non food sections. This is another area where you can save big by just changing a few household habits. Go back to using reusable kitchen cloths for clean up instead of buying so many paper towels (which will save a few trees as well) and buy concentrated household cleaners instead of that big economy size that seems like a great deal but isn’t really.

Have more tips for saving both money on your grocery bill and the planet? Then share them at Tip the Planet, the internet’s fastest growing green wiki.