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One Easy Way to Cut Ten Gallons a Day off Your Home’s Water Consumption

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Want to cut down on the amount of water you use in your home? There is actually one simple trick that can not only reduce the amount of water you waste on a daily basis by seven to ten gallons but shave a few cents every day off your water bill (and those cents add up to big dollars of the course of the year.)

The old folk wisdom that says place a brick in your toilet’s water tank is partially correct: It is an effortless way to save water, but a brick probably isn’t the best thing to put in your toilet tank. Instead simply place a full plastic water bottle with a little sand in the bottom in the tank. It does the job very well and does not add the kind of weight that could crack your fixture over time.

This will not usually decrease the flushing capacity of your toilets if you are worried about that. The average modern toilet needs about eight gallons to function properly each time someone flushes. A bottle in the tank will displace enough water to save half a gallon to a gallon each use.

While you are in the bathroom though why not look around for other ways to save even more water? There are a growing number of bathroom fixtures on the market that are designed to minimize the amount of water you consume in the bathroom that are nowhere near as expensive as you might imagine.

From toilets that flush differently according to the “nature of your business” to faucets that turn off as soon as you take your hands out from underneath them, these eco-friendly fixtures will pay for themselves in savings on you water bill over time. The fact that they are also very good looking on the whole is added bonus.

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