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Holiday E Cards that Do More

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

This is going to sound rather Grinch like, so apologies in advance, but personally I hate holiday cards. It’s not that I have anything against chubby little Christs in mangers, or jolly fat Santa and his nasally enhanced friend Rudolph. I simply can’t stand all that waste.

Did you know that forty percent of the junk clogging landfills across the nation is paper waste? And considering that between Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa Americans send out a whopping 1.5 billion greeting cards in November and December annually, you can bet that a lot of that is cards that were thrown out with the tree in January. That’s why I am only going to be sending e cards this year.

Of course that stance has its critics. But I treasure those holiday cards/recycle them as gift tags/work for Hallmark, you can’t do that, it’s rude they cry.  Actually even The Emily Post Institute says it isn’t. In fact they recommend sending e cards during the holiday season calling them a “greener and less expensive” alternative.

Then there are those that will point out that e cards use up energy resources as well. Yes they do, but their carbon footprint is 1/60th that of a physical greeting card and I have to make some effort to send out some form of Seasons Greetings if I ever want my family and friends to talk to me again.

There are plenty of internet sites that offer e cards but these happen to be ones I particularly like, mainly because the cards from these sites actually do a little more than just send a holiday shout out – they actually benefit some pretty worthy causes as well. – is an advocacy site that solicits help on dozens of different issues relating to wildlife conservation, human and civil rights and general environmental issues. For each card sent during the holiday season 5% of the ad revenue to several nonprofit environmental and humanitarian organizations.

World Wildlife Fund – At their website at, the WWF offer a range of cute, animal themed holiday greetings e cards that make a change from the same old reindeer while reminding people that for some species the number of holidays they have left to celebrate may be running out.

The Hunger Site – by sending an e card from the Hunger Site( you will be making a small contribution to the health and wellbeing of children all over the world who need better food to stay healthy and thrive.

You can even go a step further than the free e cards and make a charitable contribution in your recipient’s name, then send a greeting to tell them about it. It’s a holiday gift that does a bit more good than yet another tie.