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Giving the Holiday Gift of an Experience

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I recently read an article decrying the giving of holiday gifts altogether. The author offered helpful suggestions for making the move and although they were indeed very good I am afraid for most of us they just wouldn’t fly – tell my significant other that they weren’t getting a Christmas gift this year as an eco friendly gesture? I’d be in divorce court. Tell the kids that Santa isn’t coming this year? Bit tough to do.Scrooge wouldn’t even have the nerve.

However I certainly agreed that we really don’t need to keep giving the types of gifts we are used to. Most of them barely ever get used, or shoved into the back of a closet. Even that great game console the kids want so badly will become obsolete in months. And all that wasted wrapping paper! So the idea of giving an experience, one of that authors suggestions, actually really appealed to me.

Of course coming up with the right experience to gift might be a bit harder than charging another tie but I actually found a site that helps a great deal. offers hundreds of different ‘experience gifts” that are perfect for almost any taste.

The best thing is that each “Giftybox” offers a choice of different local activities for the recipient to choose from so they are not completely stuck with your vision of what they might enjoy. From a professional family portrait to a weekend at some of the nations finest hotels to a NYC Broadway show there really is something for everyone and some gifts are less than $40.

Of course you do not have to go to a special website to pick a good experience gift. Just think about the person you are choosing a gift for. What do you know they would love to do, but never allow themselves to? It could be as simple as going out for a meal with their spouse without the kids which means a gift certificate for a restaurant and your services as a personal babysitter will probably be the best gift they get all season, leaving the others in shade.

Green Gift Giving

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Before you head out to the store to buy that birthday gift for your best friend, that anniversary present for your other half or that wedding gift for your college roommate stop for a moment and think – is there a way you can give a great gift and help the environment as well? There certainly is of course. Here are a few tips for green gift giving:

Give an experience – Rather than buying “stuff” why not give the gift of a trip to the zoo, a gift certificate for a relaxing massage or a couple of tickets to see a great concert or play? Your recipient will welcome the excuse to take a break from their everyday routine and you won’t be cluttering up their home with more stuff they really don’t need.

Give Something that is More Responsible – If you really like buying physical gifts choose presents that are a little more environmentally responsible (and will encourage the recipient to be too) A solar charger, organic cotton bedding or even something as simple as personal care products made from natural products that are safer for humans and the environment are all great ideas.

Give the Gift of Taste – Head out to your local health food store and purchase a few organic goodies like carob bars, fair trade coffee and locally baked bread. Put it all together in a basket (pick one up at your local dollar store) and you will be giving a tasty gift that is far better than a box of supermarket chocolates.

Don’t Give Flowers, Give Trees – A bouquet of flowers is indeed very pretty but the longest they last is a week. To give a really long-lasting gift that anyone will appreciate, give the gift of a treeinstead. If your gift recipient does not have a garden to plant one in, give a bonsai tree instead. They are beautiful, last for years and add a unique decorating touch to anyone’s home.

Give the Gift of Your Time – Rather than buying your friends a gift certificate for their anniversary why not gift them a couple of free nights of babysitting instead? That is possibly one of the best gifts you could give to a couple whose lives don’t leave them enough time for romance anymore. Don’t worry about what they’ll do with the time you are gifting them, you can bet they will figure it out  very quickly.

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