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Ziploc Announces New Recycling Program that Rewards Customers for their Efforts

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Often big corporations make it onto the eco activists’ radar because of the bad practices they have embraced the damage the planet at large. That is not always the case though, as a newly announced initiative from the makers of Ziploc bags demonstrates.

We’re all familiar with Ziploc bags. You probably have some (or some of their private label counterparts) sitting your kitchen cupboards right now. They are oh so handy for all kinds of reasons but the one thing they are not is easily recyclable.

It’s harder to recycle the plastic that Ziploc products are made from so often they are sent to landfill to sit for years instead. SC Johnson, Ziploc’s parent company, has created a program designed to reduce some of that waste.

Ziploc have partnered with Recyclebank to encourage families to recycle and the goal of the venture id to reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills by 100 million pounds in 24 months.

Recyclebank offers consumers who up their recycling efforts rewards for doing so in the form of points that can be used toward the purchase of some pretty neat stuff. They do not yet operate in all areas of the country though, but the reach is expanding everyday.

One of the most important aspect of the Zip Loc program though could soon show up in grocery stores and retail locations in your neighborhood. The company plans to put in place  18,000 in-store recycle bins that will accept clean and dry Ziploc Brand sandwich, storage and freezer bags.

In addition, wherever you live , within the next few  months, you will have the opportunity to earn reward points  when you make a pledge to resposnibly recycle Ziploc bags and packaging by entering the code from specially marked packages of Ziploc Brand Sandwich and Snack Bags on